Blockchain accounting software
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AEM is the next generation of accounting system, which is built specifically for blockchain. AEM focusses on financial process innovation and provides first fully automated accounting system for alternative currencies.




Seamless conversion of transactions to equivallent monetary value means that data can be easily extracted into any accounting software package or custom edited by the user. In this way financial reporting becomes streamlined and effortless.
The first ever multi currency wallet that integrates NEM with it’s native currency XEM and mosaic tokens as well as the Testnet version of Symbol Blockchain, with it’s native currency XYM. Bitcoin wallet is under active development and will become available with the next upgrade


AEM empowers businesses and individuals operating with cryptocurrencies by providing a system specifically adapted to their needs. It effectively reduces the cost of accounting through automation. The middleware solves the issue of duplicate entry and slow reconciliations by introducing direct flow of information from the wallet address to the designated accounting system. Integration between cryptocurrency wallets and FIAT based accounting software means that businesses are able to transact with alternative currencies and separately store their accounting data.
AEM+ multi cryptocurrency wallet
The first ever multi currency wallet that integrates NEM with it’s native currency XEM and mosaic tokens as well as the Testnet version of Symbol Blockchain, with it’s native currency XYM. Bitcoin wallet is under active development and will become available with the next upgrade


AEM automates capturing of cryptocurrency transactions for accounting purposes by extracting information directly through the blockchain. By providing an integrated accounting tool AEM gives business and individuals an easy way to convert between FIAT and crypto for financial reporting purposes. With data traced to each transaction block information becomes easy to access, verify and restore. AEM focuses on maximising efficiency and stays compliant with the Taxation Office reporting standards and makes accounting effortless.

Jakub Sawczuk

Founder / CEO

Jakub Sawczuk is a Certified  BAS Agent and Accountant with 9 Years Experience in Financial Systems Integration and Financial Management. Prior to that he has spent 8 Years as a Product Designer working in the Industry and Mechanical Engineer working for a multinational  company in Europe and the US. He specialises in definition of system functionality, improving workflows and creating financial and reporting tools in order to achieve maximum efficiency for the business.


Matthew VanMullem


Matthew VanMullem is an ICT systems architect with 15 years of technical expertise working with technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and HPE. His broad base of expertise has lead to work with a diverse set of past projects, enabling him to act as a trusted consultant with a holistic view of client operations. His current focus is providing business automation solutions.


Ferran Prat

Senior Software Engineer

Ferran is a computer engineer specialized in Blockchain technology. In his portfolio, the participation and development of several open source tools for the blockchain of NEM and Bitcoin stands out. He has also been a speaker at numerous technological events in the public and private sectors and author of several blockchain courses. He also leads some of the most important innovation and blockchain communities in Barcelona. In addition, he has been involved in hackathons as a participant and as a mentor, obtaining the first prize of the UPC in a blockchain project for NGOs. He is the CEO of Peersyst.



Johnson Xu

Network Developer

Johnson is a digital analyst who currently works at a large business advisory & consulting enterprise. He has also worked at a top tier multinational cryptocurrency exchange and a fortune 500 management consulting company. Before his journey with blockchain, he had a background in finance (Postgraduate) and computer science (Undergraduate). He has specialised knowledge about cryptocurrency mining, market analysis and business strategies.


Adrià Carrera

Senior Software Engineer

Adrià is a senior software engineer specialized in Blockchain technology with experience leading different IT projects. With innovation as his key value, he has in depth experience in various blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM and Symbol. He has also been involved in artificial intelligence projects for the retail sector. He is the CTO of Peersyst.

Russell Black

Senior Software Engineer

Russell Black is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of professional programming experience. His work has included high-performance realtime applications in C++ and assembly language, mobile apps, console game development, desktop and database apps, embedded systems, python, javascript and various web technologies. His main focus is well-structured, maintainable code.

Zidi Hu

Front End Developer

Chaofan Wu

Front End Developer

Zidi is a software developer with some experience in graphic design. She is familiar with front-end development languages such as React, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and is also proficient in design software such as PhotoShop and Illustrator. With a master's degree in IT and a bachelor's degree in art, she is passionate about exploring the fusion of design and programming, and remains curious and passionate about new things.

Chaofan Wu is a web developer and currently work as a software developer for AEM Algorithm. She mainly focuses on the front-end development to ensure the web application meet the user experience and design requirements. And work in teams alongside Back end developers to ensure the development is consistent. 

Serin Park


Serin Park is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for User Experience and Interface(UX/UI) design. Her background is in Communication Design and Visual art with 2 years experience in a diverse range of industries. She uses visual communications as a way of exploring and understanding human experience.


Shin Tatt Wong

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Shin Tatt is a full stack developer with development experiences in Web & Enterprise applications, and 3D Games. He currently provides help to projects on understanding the concept of decentralisation and whether it'll be useful in the problems their projects are aiming to solve.


Anthony Law

Blockchain Solution Advisor

Anthony Law is a full stack developer with over 6 years of professional programming experience and the main language is on Javascript. In additional involved in blockchain development over a year, and doing DevOps job for deploy private chain solution especially in NEM blockchain.  Currently a Trainer and Consultant for NEM technical


Jason Lee

Blockchain Partner

Jason Lee has been named in Forbes '30 Under 30' Asia List where he has been recognised as one of the young disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs reshaping industries today across Asia-Pacific Region. He is based in Melbourne and holds the role of the Expansion Director for Australia and New Zealand for the Foundation, a not for profit organisation promoting the benefits and use of the NEM blockchain technology platform. His core function is to drive partnership with startups, academia, industry bodies and governments.


Anouk Pinchetti

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Anouk is a Blockchain Strategy Consultant and Educator who has spent two decades in the corporate IT sector and 20 years studying currency design. Before blockchain, Anouk has had a background in disciplines ranging from network administration to software development to business analysis, service delivery management and project management. A broad researcher and activist in the community currencies space since the '90s. Currently a Trainer for The New Money Institute, an Education Consultant for the Melbourne Blockchain Centre, and Educator and Business Strategy Consultant for Intraverse Technologies.

Thilon (Hongbin) Ma

Blockchain Technical Advisor

Founder of the DATAMAIN blockchain BAAS platform, Media columnist, co-founder of NEMChina. More than ten years of C++, big data, blockchain technology development experience. Thilon is an IT expert with hands-on management experience. In 2005, worked on the architecture and research for eMule, a peer-to-peer file sharing software on a well-known sharing website, VeryCD. In 2010, I was responsible for architectures and researches of the network manager in Green Packet (a Malaysian listed company) Shanghai office. In 2014, was the director of the Internet finance department at a financial management company, Hengyu Finance. Daily duties include the development of a P2P platform, as well as R&D team-leading. Since 2016, big data analysis has been done through AlibabaClound’s Max computer/e-mr. Years of industry experience makes him an expert in big data analysis, Java development, and C. /C++ development and architecture.


John Bassilios

Legal Advisor

I have a broad range of corporate commercial, financial services, funds management and banking and finance experience with a particular emphasis on financial services and funds management. I have taken a keen interest in Blockchain and crypto currencies having advised clients on the establishment of crypto currency funds, establishing crypto currency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs), operating ICO marketing platforms and operating crypto wallets. I am also a mentor for the RMIT Blockchain Strategy Course. I also have a keen interest in startups and fintech companies. I have acted for a wide range of financial services providers including retail and wholesale fund managers, investment advisers, financial planners, stock brokers, IDPS operators and managed discretionary account providers. I have advised financial service providers on all aspects of managed investments schemes, AFSL and ACL licensing, disclosure requirements and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.

Heath Mitchell

Business Advisor

Heath who currently holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB)/Bachelor of Finance (First class honours) works as a law graduate at MinterEllison. Having been interested in blockchain technology for many years, he has devoted the next stage of his career to combining his technical areas of interest to help grow blockchain adoption and investment. He holds specialist knowledge about the blockchain/cryptocurrency regulatory environment and relevant legal considerations throughout a startup's lifecycle.



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